About Us


Alexander Anders

Founder and CEO

After long lasting investment experiences last as a senior risk analyst in a mayor European investment trust with a strong fingerprint in sub-Sahara Africa, Alexander decided to found his own company in 2017. It is his purpose to bring in his personal skills and experiences to the next level to reach the highest satisfaction for his clients.

Because of his diversified career background he made a lot of valuable experiences in this region. This means he is well connected and knows from first hand that a strong network is crucial to do business in Africa. He founded Eufrican to bring European medium and large sized companies and their counterparts in Africa together on eye level. The professional implementation of the entrepreneurial objective of the clients always has top priority.

Alexander’s long standing experience is rounded off by a highly skilled team of freelancers as well as an enhanced network which provides risk consultancy to ensure that business projects and investments of any kind will be taken care of with the best professional help they deserve.