Eufrican Business Network


Eufrican provides risk consultancy specializing in political and security topics. Since 2017 we built our large network consisting of regional advisors and analysts that are proven experts in political and security issues with different academic and professional backgrounds. Regarding the fragile political and security situations in sub-Sahara Africa we offer political and security risk analysis for your projects in this region. We believe that our long-standing experience in sub-Sahara Africa can benefit the work of regional and international actors.

Business opportunities

We are aware of the challenges of conducting business in an environment with great opportunities but with serious political and security concern. Our goal is to create new business opportunities by doing risk analysis and sharing information of the political and security situation in sub-Sahara Africa. We are seeking potential partners for ventures or new clients for consulting services. We also provide infrastructure and business opportunities for our clients and help them and our partners capitalise on our regional expertise to advance impactful projects.

Sustainable network

We want to form a strong and sustainable network.
Due to several years of experience, we know that business in Africa strongly depends on contacts and relationships. We help business people enhancing their social capital by generating sustainable business contacts in order to gain a competitive edge and long-term benefit. Our local experts have a large network and continously create new ties to experts and insiders in sub-Sahara Africa. This helps us to provide risk consultancy in political and security issues and to support our clients to establish their business on the African continent.

Regional expertise

It is our core philosophy to link local experts to provide custom-made risk consultancy focused on Europe and Africa based on local know-how. Eufrican regularly organizes networking events in major European and African cities to bring local experts, freelancers, clients and other stake holders together. Eufrican Business Network’s freelancers each have a regional¬† expertise and contacts to regional experts from local, regional and national administrations in several African countries, such as Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso or Nigeria. Their expertise can be used to our clients‘ benefit!